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She was the up-and-coming actress. She was the mother of four children and the first lady of Santa Barbara. She was the Italian Countess, loving Russian music...
She killed her son, she was unfaithful to her husband with his bitter enemy, she disappeared for 15 years and hid the truth for long time...
She was kind, affectionate, charming, wise, strong, conscientious, ready to sacrifice herself for her family...
She, Sophia Wane Capwell Armonti Capwell Mathis, was one of the main characters of the soap opera "Santa Barbara".

We are her fans so we call ourselves sofans.
We watched "Santa Barbara" only for her, we're not interested in the episodes without her.
We admired her, scolded her, found explanations for all her actions, learnt by her mistakes.
We couldn't determine who was worthy of Sophia - C.C. Capwell or Lionel Lockridge, but we accepted her choice, even if his name was TJ Daniels.
For us Sophia Capwell was more than just the favorite soap character.
We thought that our attachment to her had been in the distant past, but when we met on the forum dedicated to "Santa Barbara", we found out we had the same interest to Sophia and we wanted to discuss it.
Then we made this site, called it "Sofans' Club". We are here to discuss Sophia and everything concerned to her, share our archives and fanfictions.

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